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Prelim Schedule & Budget

A prelim schedule is essential to understanding the time it will take to shoot the script.

And especially specialized sequences. The day-out-of-days enable us to create a more accurate budget and provide information that is useful in negotiating cast deals. The prelim budget is the first step in assessing the resources it will take to successfully complete the film.


The schedule and budget are created in industry-standard Movie Magic software and provided in pdf format along with original files. Multiple rounds of reviews are offered to incorporate notes to finesse the shoot schedule and detailed budget within specific parameters.

Turnaround times vary from 3 days to 1 week depending on complexity. Email me to inquire into rates.

Sell Sheet

A sell sheet is a glossy one-pager business-to-business marketing material. Used to present your film at-a-glance to investors and distributors who are always meeting too many people, in a hurry.

The equivalent of a consumer end movie poster, the sell sheet invokes the tone of the film through stunning visuals, highlighting the USP of your film and includes information guaranteed to gain enough curiosity to advance to the personal interest phase. 

Business Plan

The business plan is designed with your target Investor in mind. It aims to excite and inform while gaining their confidence. Elements can include comparable films, cast considerations, timeline, budget top sheet, distribution plan, profit participation, ROIs, rebates, marketing and publicity strategies, amongst other things.


Discounted bundles and à la carte options are available.

All business plans have a unique design and effective digital layout.

High quality printed plans can be provided as well.

Pitch Presentation

Never forget an important detail in a pitch meeting! A powerpoint or pdf presentation can keep you on track to hit all your key notes even as you're carried away by the passion of the pitch. Visual aids are proven to be more effective, easier to understand and highly memorable. Visual information is also easier to recall later in internal green light meetings.

Your presentation will be tailored to your pitch, we will brainstorm on current affairs, audience & market statistics, and other business plan elements to select talking points that convey the strongest ideas poised to

open the most influential doors.

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  • Shoot Schedule

  • Budget Breakdown

  • Union & Guild Agreements

  • Cash Flow

  • LLC Setup

  • Incentives Applications

  • Copyright & Clearance

  • Key Hires

  • Production Office Management

  • Document Templates

  • Travel & Living

  • Setting up Workflow

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  • Budget Management

  • Cost Report Generation (Weekly)

  • Production Report Generation (Daily)

  • Call sheet Review & Approval

  • Payroll & Accounting

  • Vendor Deals

  • Crew Hires & Deal Memos

  • Union Deliverables

  • Managing Workflow

  • Quality control

  • On-Set Management

  • Deliverables for Incentives

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  • Returns

  • Vendor closeout

  • Loss & Damage closeout

  • Union deliverables

  • Rebates

  • Deposits

  • Final Production Payroll

  • Final Production Cost Reporting

  • Wrap Documents (Digital & Physical)

  • IMDB page

  • Production Credits list

  • Post Production Setup

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