“Large or small, a film budget is always tight. 

Highly skilled at making every dollar count, Ru finds

savings in unexpected places and allocates line items to

seamlessly achieve even the most ambitious ideas.”

—  Marianne Wunch, VP of Production

I'm a facilitator.

       Ru's venture into media has spanned 14 years, during which, she has zealously navigated the artistic and logistical demands of new places and cultures.


      An honest passion for her work has led to collaborations with actors, writers, directors, producers and crew members of international repute, accomplished in their craft. She has worked with a myriad of top artists including Emmy-winner Paul Brown (The X-files, Quantum Leap, Twilight Zone), Academy-nominated Brenda Vaccaro (Midnight Cowboy, You don't know Jack), iconic William Shatner and Christopher Lloyd, Emmy-nominated actor Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black, The Wire),  Tommy Maddox-Upshaw (Iron man 2, Straight Outta Compton), sports choreographer Aimee McDaniel (Jack & Jill, Superman Returns), veteran TV director Gil Shilton (Magnum PI, Quantum Leap), acclaimed young actor Amir El Masry (Night Manager, Rosewater), the celebrated late Om Puri (Charlie Wilson's War, City of Joy),  amongst many others.

      Ru relishes memorable moments from set; Christopher Lloyd bouncing in a low rider, LA Galaxy athlete Bryan Jordan flip-kicking goals, Grammy winners Keb Mo & Rick Springfield jamming in a studio for a scene, finding them rewarding and inspiring.  

      Prior to moving base to Los Angeles,  Ru had an expanding career in the media & advertising Industry in India. Being a part of forward thinking organizations such as SYNAPSE, DHAR & HOON, iSTYLUS and MAYA DIGITAL STUDIOS for print & commercial advertising, film, TV & animation. She sought to engage in bringing Indian indie cinema to the global stage via multiple years with the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, most recently as the Festival's Producer in 2015. 

Her overarching roles as a Line Producer and Production Manager continue to gain momentum, presenting greater opportunities to spearhead physical production on larger budgets and a range

of diverse content.

In May 2018, Ru started work in a staff position in Physical Production of Original Independent Features at                .


Women in Film, LA

Staff Alumni

Filmmaker Liaison (2018)

Festival Producer (2015)

Special Events Producer (2014)

Special Events Associate Producer (2013)

EPK Coordinator (2008)


Chandigarh, India Chapter

When Ru's involvement on a project grows organically, in the form of above-the-line negotiations, script notes, post production and more.

This Producer role is actualized through her production entity

'burning ghat cinema'

'burning ghat cinema'

has a fervor for unique

styles and story.

Projects include "Qualia", an intricate exploration into quantifying the soul.

"Fantastic", an experimental neo-noir shot on 35mm that premiered at Berlinale Forum.

"Napoloen's Charm", about a boy in the great conquerer's army who tries to intervene. 

"Freeman Chronicles" a fan based web-series set in the Half Life universe.

These indie projects aim to discover auteurs and

showcase talented actors in

worthwhile content. 

The ‘burning ghat’ on the banks of the river Ganges in Varanasi, India, is a much sought after place for a funeral pyre. There are so many reasons to choose this name – no one is exact or right – all of them encompass what I aspire to, in my work.

Burning, like passion, the austerity of white garbs, fervor of a life fulfilled, devotion & belief ---oftentimes blind faith; simplicity, the anticipated release, meting of karma, humbling all-consuming flames, vivid memories, glowing embers, ashes to ashes.

‘Cinema’ has a derivation from the greek ‘kinesis; or movement. Film is movement, a death, a birth, a rebirth, a realization, and everything in between – at its best. 


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